How to add hReview Aggregate formatting to JReviews

Recently I had a site that does not have that many quality editor reviews making the user reviews more helpful.  On this site I used the hReview-aggregate standard.

Steven Johnson
by | Posted: March 9, 2010 | Updated: April 1, 2014
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Since I had seen several others looking for a write up I thought I would put this together to help others.

The hReview-aggregate formats the User ratng average and shows the review count, which is great for sites that have an active user review community.

What the User Sees:

Product Name Average User Ratings:
8.7 out of 10, based on 4 User Reviews

What the html looks like:

<div class="hreview-aggregate">
      <div class="item"><h4><span class="fn">Product Name</span> Average User Ratings:<br />
           <span class="rating"><span class="average">8.7</span> out of <span class="best">10</span>. Based on <span class="count">4</span></span> User Reviews.</h4>

JReviews Template Variables:

Product Name: you could use the listing title or a custom variables if they exist
Average User Rating: <?php echo $Rating->round($listing['Review']['user_rating'],$this->Config->rating_scale);?>
Best Score: Not Sure about this, right now I just used the number 10. (since I was on a 10 point scale)
User Review Count: <span class="count"><?php echo $listing['Review']['review_count'];?>

Here are some more jReviews Template Variables that may help

Adding the code to your JReviews template:

I added this code in the User summary box on the detail.thtml page.

See the code in action here: Fellowes DS 12CS Paper Shredder Review

The JReviews code added to the template, (note I used two custom fields to create the product name, you may not have to do this)

        <?php if($this->name != 'listings'): // Dont show unless in content page ?>
            <div class="roundedPanel jr_review" id="jr_reviewUserSummary">
                <div class="box_upperOuter">
                    <div class="box_upperInner">
                        <?php if($listing['Review']['user_rating_count']>0 && $listing['Criteria']['state'] == 1): ?>
                        <div class="hreview-aggregate">
                            <div class="item">
                            <h4 class="jr_reviewTitle"><span class="fn"><?php echo $CustomFields->field('jr_manufacturer',$listing,false,false); ?> <?php echo $CustomFields->field('jr_model',$listing,false,false); ?></span> Average User Ratings:</h4>
                            <h4 class="jr_reviewTitle"><span class="rating"><span class="average"><?php echo $Rating->round($listing['Review']['user_rating'],$this->Config->rating_scale);?></span> out of <span class="best">10</span>. Based on <span class="count"><?php echo $listing['Review']['review_count'];?></span></span> User Reviews.</h4>
                        <?php endif;?>

Note: Since I use a 10 point scale I needed to include the span class of best so that the user review can be adjusted to a 5 point scale

hReview and Google Rich Snippet Resources

Hope this helps!

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