JReviews Editor Rating Theme Code Snippets

Use these code snippets in your JReviews theme files to get the look you want.

Note: I am waiting on confirmation from ReviewsforJoomla regarding accuracy.

Steven Johnson
by | Posted: March 22, 2011 | Updated: April 1, 2014
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Some snippets may depend on which template you are using.

Editor Stars

<?php echo $Rating->drawStars($listing['Review']['editor_rating'], $this->Config->rating_scale, $this->Config->rating_graph, 'editor');?>

User Stars

<?php echo $Rating->drawStars($listing['Review']['user_rating'], $this->Config->rating_scale, $this->Config->rating_graph, 'user');?>

Editor numerical rating

<?php echo $Rating->round($listing['Review']['editor_rating'],$this->Config->rating_scale);?>

User numerical rating

<?php echo $Rating->round($listing['Review']['user_rating'],$this->Config->rating_scale);?>

User review count

<?php echo (int) $listing['Review']['user_rating_count'];?>

Editor image

<?php echo $Html->image($this->viewImages.'review_editor.png',array('width'=>14,'height'=>14,'title'=>__t("Editor rating",true),'alt'=>__t("Editor rating",true)));?>

User image

<?php echo $Html->image($this->viewImages.'review_user.png',array('width'=>14,'height'=>14,'title'=>__t("User rating",true),'alt'=>__t("User rating",true)));?>

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