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Steven Johnson
by | Posted: March 17, 2009 | Updated: March 26, 2014
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As iPhones become more common, more accesories are being created. Some Good, some Bad. There is a void in finding this information.  iPhone Speaker Reviews fills this void.

Visitors can learn from Editor and User Reviews and even leave their own review.  iPhone Speaker Reviews brings together all the needed information into one place allowing consumers to make an informed choiced about the best iPhone Speaker Systems.

Site Design
iPhone Speaker Reviews is built with Joomla.  Joomla extensions include:

  • jReviews
  • sh404SEF
  • JCE
  • Xmap

The template is bolt from Alledia.com with heavy Graphics customization. jReviews is the main component and provides the core functionality of the site.  Visitors can learn from Editor and User reviews, search on custom fields, and leave their own review.

SEO Optimized
iPhone Speaker Reviews was built with search engine placement as a top priority.  From the Search Engine Friendly url structure that focuses on the desired keywords to custom meta titles, descriptions, and keywords that are managed by sh404SEF, iPhone Speaker Reviews is designed to rank well for the key search terms.  The Alledia SEO club is an excellent source of information, with the best tips on optimizing Joomla web sites for Search Engines.

We hope you enjoy iPhone Speaker Reviews.  If you are interested in getting your product listed or learning more about help with your reviews site please do not hesitate to contact Intown Web Design.

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