Intown Web design recently interviewed Michael Leighty, information expert, about how he uses and other book marking services.

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by | Posted: August 23, 2007 | Updated: April 1, 2014
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Intown Web Design: How often do you use delicious?

Michael: a lot it's the best filtering system in the world to search for something

Intown Web Design: Do you ever go back and reference the book marks you make?

Michael: yeah - but i don't bookmark as often as i should maybe - but i recently got a Firefox plugin that makes your delicious bookmarks just like the  
regular bookmarks in Firefox
which helps.

Intown Web Design:  What is the name of the addon? Michael:  The addon is published by and they update it frequently.

The best part about is it's average user tends to be a lot more sophisticated - and so it's a great filtering system for highlighting the better parts of the web.  I'd really like something more like clipmarks though but i just can't find the time to start using it.  I think there's a lot of money to be made in making a better version of the best features of those two sites.

Intown Web Design: What about Google Notebook?

Michael: I should use it - but I don't. I want a site - that combines all those features of those 3 sites,, Clipmarks, and Google Notebook, where I can have a repository of all the data I'm interested in - whether I wrote it - or I just want to clip it from somewhere on the web.

Intown Web Design: I think the key will being integrated into your browser

Michael: and every item can be tagged - and I can pull disparate items together to make something like a research paper - where i combine elements from the  web with my own thoughts and reflections on them.  I'm interested in it for myself - but also I'd like to be able to browse other people's research items -  and their notes.  Remember when the web began it was all about websites - so directories were the natural answer.  Then Google came along it was all about  individual pages - hence PageRank.  I think the next evolution are tools that let you just highlight portions of pages and pull them out of their context and  into your own context whoever can do that the best wins the next stage.

Intown Web Design: As the Internet grows in terms of informational size the way to find quality information will continue to evolve.

Michael: Right the bigger the pile of data gets - the more important it is to get granular bits of it - and combine them with other related bits
also being able to see someone's notes about a particular idea can be more valuable then the initial idea itself - i think whoever can incentivize the  
creation and sharing of that kind of content is going to garner a lot of eyeballs.

Intown Web Design:  Thank you very much for your time and input

Michael:  Thanks

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