Page speed is vital and hugely important when you consider getting new clients, but also when trying to keep them engaged. The average web reader will give about 15 seconds of attention to a given page, after that they move on. So we decided over the course of a couple of months, to apply various methods and techniques to our site, server and software to see if anything could help. This particular article is relevant to Joomla. However, many of the options discussed below are available for other CMS’s including WordPress.


  Created: January 24, 2017
Topics: Usability 

We have been setting up a new ecommerce site. One main feature of the site is a recurring subscription. While this seems like it should be easy to find many good solutions for recurring subscriptions. After looking around it appears that credit card subscriptions are not as common as you would think. Read more...

  Created: December 20, 2013
Topics: Usability 

We love sh404SEF, we use it on every site we develop. Anything Digital (the developers) do a great job improving the extension and supporting the user base. While at their site we noticed one small area for improvement, the Changelog. Read more...

  Created: March 1, 2013
Topics: Usability 

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