How to Add Adsense to Fireboard

Fireboard is a great forum component for Joomla and their developers have made it very easy to incorporate ad-sense into your forums.

Steven Johnson
by | Posted: January 8, 2008 | Updated: March 31, 2014
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There are two main steps to add the Adsense Code to your Joomla / Fireboard web site.
1. Add the needed module positions to your joomla installation
2. Install an adsense module and publish your adsense code to module position you just created.

There are a few more steps but that is the high level overview. Pretty Easy. Read on for step by step instructions.

1. Add the Module Positions to Joomla
-- The developers at Best of Joomla have created the following adsense module positions:

  • fb_msg_t - After All Message Top: (Banner is All over Each Msg except the top)
  • fb_msg_1 - After First Message
  • fb_msg_2 - After second Message
  • fb_msg_b - After All Message Bottom: (Banner is All over Each Msg except the Bottom)


To add these module positions, log into the Joomla back end and go to:
Site --> Template Manager --> Module Positions

Here you will enter one or all of the the desired module positions to your joomla install, then click Save.

You now can install your adsense module and publish it to the desired module position.

2. Install your adsene module and Publish your Adsense code to the new Module Positions -- A great module for this content is mod_adsense from Joomlaspan. If you have not installed this component you can download and intall it. Then you will just need to create your modules and publish them in the new module positions.

Additional Considerations:

Which module position to use?
In most cases you will onlly need to use one of the above module positions. You will probably get some overlap if you try to use all of them, not to mention driving your users/posters crazy with adds.

Which ad format to use?
I am not sure which one performs better. At best of joomla they have a single leader board below the first post. I would imagine what type of forums you have would be the biggest factor in to use. For my iPod speaker site I have a narrower forum so the banner size may be best. For wider forums I would reccomend the leaderboard.

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