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While building the Intown Web Design site I had the need to fade out images.  So I learned about and used a cool tool in Fireworks.  It is the Fade Image command.  This tool created  the image fade for the lower half of all header images.

Steven Johnson
by | Posted: August 26, 2007 |
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How to use the Fade Image Command

1. Have your image and know which way you want to fade it. For our example the image needs to fade out from top to bottom.


For our example the image needs to fade out from top to bottom.


2. In Fireworks Select Commands --> Creative --> Fade Image

3. You will now see a dialogue box that shows some kids playing with toys. If you look closely you can see how the image is faded in different directions. Select the style that you would like to use to fade your image and click ok.


4. You will now see a black line running across your image. This tool allows you to set where the fading starts and stops and how fast the image should fade. Play around with the settings by clicking and dragging the black dots at either end of the line.


5. You will now need to export or save out your image or continue on with any other effects that you may want to add.

Hopefully this has been helpful.

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