Update, monitor & report

You are busy and your first priority is not applying security updates, but you know it is important.

This is what we are great at. We update our sites, our client sites and are very efficient at it.

Most importantly we know and understand the importance of keeping a site up to date and secure.


Security updates

These are the most crucial updates. The rise of attacks on sites only continues to increase.

You may think you have nothing to loose by a hacked site. We have seen sites loose traffic and customers because of a site and and subsequent decrease in the rankings.

Don't let this be you. For less than an hour per month we can keep your secure.


Content updates

If it is a website we can update it.

Have a CMS then you can update yourself, but sometimes the updates keep getting pushed to the next day and then forgotten. This is where we can help.

On more than one occasion we have seen a site maintained better when we were the ones making the update. Many executives and business owners have found it frar more effective to send us the changes and we make the updates.

It is up to you just know were are available to make your life better.


Site health monitoring

It is important to ensure that the search engines are accurately indexing your site so that the pages appear correctly to visitors.

From Google Web Mastertools to the latest Bing apps we can ensure your sit is being indexed correctly and not being flagged for malware or spyware.

We can monitor Search Engine indexes to make sure site is healthy and keeps the traffic flowing.


Uptime & performance monitoring

The first step of getting your site back up is knowing it is down.

Let Intown Web Design monitor your website and you will know when your site goes down. Alerts can be sent directly to your email or cell phone via SMS.  Summary uptime and response time reports are available in real time.

Intown Web Design keeps your hosting company honest.


Traffic reporting

Who, When, and How are visitors viewing your website.

  • Who has been at your website since the last status meeting?
  • Has your traffic has improved from the previous reporting period?
  • Which Search Terms are bringing you the most sales & customers?

We can send customized analytics reports at the interval required.

Intown Web Design utilizes Google Analytics to provide context to your website traffic. The reports are concise, insightful and easy to understand. Allowing you to quickly digest the key metrics from your website.

Reports are customized to fit your specific needs. Concerned with the Search Engine results? We can provide a detailed report on the key search terms bringing visitors to your site. Concerned with which web pages are viewed most? We will tailor a report detailing this info.

Interested in help maintaining website?

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