Newsletter Starter Package

Importance of Email Marketing

With so many forms of Marketing available, what make email marketing so valuable? Social Media seems to be huge at the moment, should I just stick with that?

We can officially say that Email marketing is more effective than social networking sites. People who subscribe to your mailing list are interested customers. Newsletters also allow you to build customer relationships, nurture leads, generate sales or interest and hopefully create repeat business.

Email is said to be 4 times more effective in reaching your audience compared to social media methods. You will get more attention, control who sees what, have the ability to personalise for better results, test what works, you own your email list, and email will get you more engagement.

Here are some important facts to know:

  • 68% of companies using email marketing report good ROI
  • Average ROI is 4,425%
  • Customers with email newsletters spend about 138% more than other customers
  • 44% of email recipients make at least one purchase per year
  • Email marketing is proven to be 40x more effective at converting leads than social media
  • 90% of customers choose email as their preferred communication from businesses

Sources: Convince and Convert, Envato Market Place and Respective Service Companies

Mailchimp signup

mailchimp 250pxMailchimp is one of the largest newsletter businesses in the world. With over 14 million customers and counting, you are assured that you're in safe hands. Mailchimp also allows for easy integration into any website with such extras as marketing emails, automated messages, targeted campaigns and much more! With detailed reports on an easy to use interface, you can simplify your newsletter process. Intown Web Design would take the burden of getting this setup, and get your company on the path the newsletter stardom!


Starter List

lists 250pxContent coming soon


Website Integration

 integration 250pxWith Mailchimp being a separate entity to your website, it can feel a bit overwhelming when thinking of site integration. Intown Web Design will take this process out of your hands and fix your site up to display newsletter signups, newsletter popups, and even integrate as much as we can into your CMS admin. We would also make sure that the integration of modules and popups of the newsletter, throughout your site, would integrate seamlessly with your site's current design and style. Not only would we adopt your fonts, but we would also adopt your colours and form styles.


Content Plan and Template

 content temp 250pxPlanning the content for newsletters can be a daunting task. Here at Intown Web Design, we have had a lot of experience, in writing direct, precise content, that would target your customers quickly and efficiently. We would pair this with the perfect template to not only represent your company visually but to guarantee a high ratio click through rate. We would use well-positioned buttons, the most up-to-date coding standards, cross-client compatibility including Gmail, outlook and Hotmail to say a few, mobile and tablet responsive design, and much more.


First Send Out

sendout 250pxIntown Web Design would coach you through your first send out to make sure everything is done correctly. We would also perform test send outs before the live send out so that you can see exactly what your clients and customers will see. At the test stage, we can make any changes needed, to make the live send out perfect for your business. Once the send out is complete we can monitor real-time statistics to give you a visual on what your customers are clicking and responding to!




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