Learn from the best

jReviews Custom Tutorial Sessions are perfect for:

  • Web designers who are not sure where to start
  • Business owners short on time looking for professional explanations
  • Anyone wanting to learn jReviews best practices

jReviews' strength comes from its flexibilty and functionality. With so many features and capabilites it can take some time to get the optimal site setup to meet your site's specific needs. We can reduce your learning curve.

We are making our years of jReviews experience and best practices available to you.   Once you have jReviews installed and configured exactly the way you want, jReviews will be the most effective and powerful review extension for Joomla.

Custom Two Hour Tutorial Session

This custom session has saved companies and individuals many hours in learning and research.  Additionally  it saves time searching the forums for answers to advanced quesitons.

Interested in a jReviews tutorial?  Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In the jReviews tutorial session you will:

  •     Configure your actual jReviews site
  •     Ask and have specific questions about your site answered
  •     Learn how to use jReviews custom fields
  •     Set up review criteria
  •     Have the session tailored to your exact needs.

How our jReviews Tutorial Sessions Work:

    1. You have your joomla site set up with jReviews installed
    2. Email us with your site URL and what you want to accomplish
    3. We arrange a time for the tutorial session
    4. We both login to your site
    5. We explain how all of the jReviews features relate to each other
    6. You can ask any questions about your site and jReviews
    7. We set up and configure all aspects of jReviews to suite your needs
    8. You now have jReviews setup and configured
    9. We are available to answer additional questions via email.

      jReviews Tutorial Requirements:

      • Have a live Joomla site.
      • Have jReviews installed. (We can help with installation if needed)
      • Goals for your review site.

      Make the session more productive

      • Think through the desired layout and functionality of your site
      • Have a clear idea of what your site will accomplish.
      • Email us ahead of time with any questions you may have



      Contact us for a JReviews Tutorial


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